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Adding value to your home is something every homeowner wants to achieve. This is easier said than done and choosing the right features to add property value can often be a difficult decision. It is important to consider all the options available before making home improvements.

Chamberlain Bros. Construction Ltd provide a huge selection of construction and building services for every home. We can work with you closely to make the right home improvements for you.

Loft Conversions

Loft conversions are a fantastic option for every homeowner to create new space within your home. As the majority of lofts go completely unused, many people are missing out on what could be a great feature for their property.

A stylish and well-designed loft conversion can potentially add 20% value to your home. This means if your current property value is £150,000, you could increase your value to as much as £180,000. Depending on how much you pay for your loft conversion, this could represent significant profit for you and your home.

Garage Conversions

Similar to your loft conversions, garage conversions should be used to make the most of the space in your home. No home should be wasting the space it has available. Lofts, garages and basements are all examples of the space you have that isn’t always utilised to its full effect.

By having a conversion, this space can be transformed into anything you desire. Whether you want this as a cinema room, games room or any other ideas you have, this transformation should add a lot of value to your property. This also creates a unique property as not all homes have garages, lofts or basements being used to their maximum potential.

The more living space you have available, the more you can increase the value of your property. This is why converting areas of your property is often the best choice for every homeowner.

Kitchen Extensions

Whether you choose to extend your kitchen or want to combine your kitchen and dining area, this can also add significant value to your home. Depending on your current kitchen space and appearance, creating a kitchen extension could be a very cost-effective method for your property.

Extending your kitchen could mean knocking down walls and combining certain rooms to create a slicker design. Alternatively, your extensions could expand into your garden depending on where space is available in your property. Regardless of how your kitchen extension is built, this is one of the most effective home improvements. As well as adding value, this should give you the kitchen space needed to have a relaxed and stylish kitchen area.

Conservatories & Orangeries

Whilst conservatories and orangeries may be slightly more expensive to install, they are very popular options due to the value and space they add to every property. Both conservatories and orangeries offer something unique to your household as an indoor space to relax, letting much more light into your property than any other room in your home.

These features can be some of the most expensive additions to your home. However, in the long-term, this is a great purchase to increase property value again and make your home much more appealing.

Interior Renovations

When cracks begin to appear in your property interior, it could mean it’s time for renovations. Renovations can be used to both improve your current interior as well as repairing any issues that are appearing.

To fully transform your current interior, renovations are essential. Although they will not be needed frequently, having renovations at the right time will maintain and increase your property value. This also prevents any structural or design issues from deteriorating.

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