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With the finalists for contractor of the year recently being announced, we look into what makes a successful construction company. There are several traits of a successful construction company that you should look out for before choosing who to contract.

Whilst the nominees for contractors of the year are companies with high turnover, finding another construction company who offers a fantastic service is possible.


Older construction workers are rapidly in decline, with only 1 in 5 construction workers over the age of 55. Whilst this doesn’t mean there is no experience within some construction teams, it does show the faith that is being put into young people to lead construction projects. More and more young workers are being employed and whilst this is good, your construction work must be completed correctly.

By finding a construction company who has the right mix between young and experienced staff members, you can find a successful construction company. More experienced staff have also gained specialist skills that can be used throughout all projects. Most importantly, with enough experience, projects are led correctly for the highest standard of construction work.

Prioritising Planning & Management

A construction company that prioritises planning and management will usually achieve a successful final design. Throughout the construction process, constant planning is required to ensure the project runs smoothly. Without this management, the project can quickly unravel and leave your construction work looking a mess.

Successful construction companies will ensure there is a project manager for all construction work and that the planning and management of the project is the biggest priority. Moreover, all work is carried out safely and effectively to leave the client fully satisfied. There are several issues that could occur with poor management such as:

  • Design Issues
  • Employing More Construction Workers
  • Increased Project Costs
  • Project Delays
  • Safety Flaws

These features are usually signs that a project has not been planned correctly. Therefore when it comes to completing construction work, changes need to be made to ensure the work can be completed on time.

Communication With Clients

For a smooth construction project, you want good communication with the construction company you use. This makes sure you are kept updated with the progress of any construction project and you are happy with the current stage and quality of the construction work.

Whether communication is written or verbal, it needs to be there. This will also demonstrate just how effective their management skills are. If they fail to communicate well with you, this doesn’t give a good impression of how well the project will be coming along.

Previous Project Success

Even the newest construction companies have previous successful projects. When considering any construction company, past projects can be a fantastic indication of whether they are the right option for your specific construction needs. Whilst a company may not have many previous projects, if there is any particularly outstanding work, this should be evidence of the quality a construction company can provide.

Even if a construction company has several years of experience, it can be difficult to judge them. Hence, finding out previous projects they have completed makes this much easier. Especially for larger projects, you want to find a construction company capable of meeting your expectations.

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