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New Build Contractors In Gloucester

Chamberlain Bros Construction Ltd want to help all clients in Gloucester construct the home of their dreams. If you require new build contractors, we offer the perfect service to ensure every detail during your construction is completed correctly. We can deal with projects of any scale for both commercial and domestic work.

Within our new build properties, there are several features that our team can install to make every home completely bespoke. Whilst your home will be tailored directly to you and the design you would like, we offer many property extensions and design ideas to create a stylish home exterior and interior.

New Build Services

As new build contractors, we have a full design and construction team available to all our clients in Gloucester at any time during your project. We will initially speak to you about the design of your home, allowing you to discuss what features you would like within the property as well as any detailed designs that are required. As we work with you during design and construction, achieving your design with the final project can always be done.

Our team always pay full attention to your design brief, including all details within the project and creating a bespoke home that suits you perfectly. We can work with individual clients or on larger projects to construct a number of new builds across one area. There is no limit to what our new build contractors will provide, with a number of bespoke homes available for construction across any land.

If you are completely reconstructing your current property, we can also construct on this land to offer a full redesign and give you the dream property you have always wanted. During our construction, we will include all features that you desire and can also offer the installation of conservatories, orangeries and many other unique rooms you would like. We will always match your expectations with the final project, constructing your design accurately and including every aspect of the property you want.

Every client should have the chance to design their dream property and our new build contractors ensure this can be constructed so you have a property you love and enjoy living in. No matter how complex your project may be, our work will always be completed to the highest standard, giving your home exterior and interior the perfect style.

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Property Refurbishments

Whether you have a new build property or an older home, property refurbishments will ensure your home remains in great condition and that your style and design never begins to wear. Our team offer a wide range of services to alter any property, maintaining the style and design you want within your home or changing your current interior and exterior. We can always make changes to your current property to improve and adapt your design and ensure you are still satisfied with your home.

Within our team, we have highly skilled and fully qualified electricians, plumbers and craftsman who can always update your home interior with bespoke features and stylish designs. Whether this is a new kitchen, bathroom or home offices, we can always make safe installations throughout Gloucester. As new build contractors, we will always have modern designs available to our clients, so you have a huge choice when designing your own property.

In addition to property refurbishments to restore the original condition of your property, we also offer a number of renovations and property extensions to improve the current design and quality. Some of the extensions we have available in Gloucester include:

  • Conservatories
  • Garage Extensions
  • Kitchen Extensions
  • Loft Extensions
  • Orangeries
  • Utility Rooms

Regardless of how large your project may be, we can always make extensions, renovations and installations to your current property, ensuring you are always happy with your home. Our renovations can also be used to change your interior, offering a new and more modern style to all clients.

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Gloucester & The Local Area

Gloucester is a city and county town of Gloucestershire, bordering the city of Bristol and close to the border of Wales. Gloucester was first founded in 97AD and with a population of over 128,000 people, it is one of the largest cities in the UK. As we are located on the border of Gloucester and with easy travel routes into the city, this is an area our team are always happy to work throughout, giving all customers a reliable team for new build contractors.

As a large and historic city, Gloucester is home to several landmarks and attractions that make it the perfect place for visitors and the locals. Some of the biggest landmarks located in the city include Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucester Docks, Jet Age Museum, Robinswood Hill Country Park, Gloucester and Sharpness Canal and the National Waterways Museum. There are many points of interest located throughout Gloucester, which make it a great area to travel to.

Since being established in 1987, Chamberlain Bros Construction Ltd have always delivered our services to clients throughout Gloucester. We want everyone located here to have dependable new build contractors and a construction team for any property renovations. Having completed projects here in the past, we will give a fast response to all clients here as we aim to be the first choice for all property construction.

Working With Chamberlain Bros Construction Ltd

With over 30 years of experience in the property construction industry, our new build contractors have built a fantastic reputation for the high standard of service we have completed in Gloucester. Since being established in 1987, we have continued to grow our team and the selection of services we have available, ensuring all clients can have their dream home and a property that they love. Working on projects of all sizes, our team can help every client.

Chamberlain Bros Construction Ltd understand that your property is often the biggest purchase you make and ensuring it is great condition is very important. All work that we complete will meet and exceed your expectations, leaving your property with the perfect design. As we look to continue building our reputation, we dedicate ourselves to every job and work closely with each client to create your bespoke design and leave you fully satisfied.

All our team are fully qualified, using the most modern methods and equipment throughout construction to make safe installations and new builds for all clients. There is no limit to what our team will deliver as we strive to meet all your needs, no matter what you would like from our team. With a wide range of services available, your dream property can always be achieved with the help of Chamberlain Bros Construction Ltd.

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If you would like to discuss the design of your property, do not hesitate to contact our new build contractors in Gloucester. Call Chamberlain Bros Construction Ltd today on 01454 317117 or 07966 202 180 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry. We are happy to answer all enquiries, giving you any advice you require.

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