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Property Extensions In Bath

Chamberlain Bros Construction Ltd provide a wide range of property extensions and renovations throughout the Bath area. We look to redesign the interior and exterior of all properties, ensuring your dream home can always be achieved by our team. No matter how large or small scale your project is, our team are always available.

Our team offer a personal service to our clients, working closely to create an accurate design and ensure all projects are completed perfectly. Whether you are looking to create extra living space in your home or make renovations to transform your current style, we will complete every job to the highest possible standard.

Our Property Extensions

We offer several property extensions that can be installed on any property. If your home is beginning to wear or feels cramped, property extensions are a fantastic option to improve your living space and add value to your home. There is no limit to what we can provide our clients and we will work closely with you during the design process so we fully understand your design brief and the final style you would like to achieve. We offer many property extensions in Bath, including:

  • Conservatories
  • Garage Extensions
  • Kitchen Extensions
  • Loft Extensions
  • Orangeries
  • Utility Rooms

We can create extensions for all properties so that your property can be transformed. Whilst some extensions will just add extra living space or give your property a better overall design, projects such as conservatories and orangeries are a fantastic choice to add value to your home. Regardless of whether you live in a small or large property, extensions can always be made to alter your current space and ensure kitchens, lofts, garages and utility rooms can always be installed or expanded.

Both side, single and two storey extensions can be made by our team, giving you a more cost-effective option if you are considering moving home due to its size. Extensions will always offer a better option, with a small cost and adding value to your current home. We will discuss the extension design with all clients, creating a plan and applying for any necessary building permissions you may require.

We have a fully qualified architecture and construction team available for every project. This ensures that all extensions are made safely and that every detail of your design needs are achieved during construction.

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Renovations & Refurbishment

In addition to the projects we complete for property extensions, we also work on smaller projects, providing home renovations, refurbishment and alterations to all clients. If your property is beginning to wear or the design of your home no longer feels modern or comfortable, having property renovations will ensure your home can be restored to its original condition and that any design changes you would like are made.

Chamberlain Bros Construction Ltd also offer adaptations to all commercial and domestic properties in Bath. We can adapt entire buildings, rooms or exterior access points to create easy accessibilities for all visitors. With a huge number of adaptations available, we can make sure every property meets the demands for those with disabilities. This can include simple ramps for access as well as fully functional cinema rooms.

Creating your dream home is never an easy challenge and no matter what property you choose to purchase, renovations can always be made to improve the interior and tailor the property to you. Everyone should have their dream home and with our property renovations, we can always find a suitable option to tailor your home perfectly to your needs, whilst fitting within your budget.

Our team dedicate ourselves to every client and project, paying great attention to detail to ensure your renovation is perfect. Our renovation process can transform any property. Whether your current home is in good condition or you would like renovations made to a run down building or spare land, our renovations and new builds mean your dream property can always be created in Bath.

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Bath & The Local Area

Bath is the largest city in the county of Somerset, most famous for being home to the Roman-built baths, a massive attraction for all visitors in the area. With a population of over 88,000, Bath is a large city and an area home to many historic points of interest. With easy travel to Bath as it is located close to the A4 and M4, it is an area we can always work throughout. We are located very close to Bath, meaning all clients here can depend on our team.

Bath is home to several historic landmarks and many other attractions. This makes it a popular city in the UK for both visitors and locals. Some of the biggest landmarks located in Bath and the surrounding areas include The Roman Baths, Bath Abbey, Royal Victoria Pak, No. 1 Royal Crescent, Prior Park Landscape Gardens, Pulteney Bridge and Thermae Bath Spa. There are a huge number of attractions in Bath, making it a fantastic area to visit.

Since being established in 1987, our team have always worked throughout the Bath area. Whether you require small property alterations or complete renovations and property extensions, our team are always happy to work in Bath and ensure all clients are left fully satisfied. As we are located close to Bath, you are assured of a fast response, with design and construction being booked quickly to begin your project. Clients located here can always place their trust in us for a high quality service.

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Having been established in 1987, Chamberlain Bros Construction Ltd have gained experience of over 30 years working in the industry. Since our establishment, we have also built a fantastic reputation for the high standard of service we complete and our dedication to every project. We have completed many projects in the Bath area and aim to be the first choice for all clients located here, offering a fast response to all enquiries.

Our team have completed a wide range of building projects and have both fully qualified architects and construction workers to ensure property extensions and renovations are completed safely and professionally. We want to continue building our fantastic reputation and always prioritise our customer needs, making sure you are left satisfied with the final project. Your expectations will always be met, with any construction work containing great detail and accuracy to your design.

Your budget will always be considered and you will always be given advice regarding the different services we have available and what renovations would be best for your property. We can transform any home to ensure your design expectations are met and that you always have your desired style within your property. There is a huge selection when it comes to property extensions and renovations and your home can be completely redesigned.

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If you would like to discuss the services we have available or book design, consultation or property extensions in Bath, contact our team. Chamberlain Bros Construction Ltd will always offer advice to our clients, providing a fast response and ensuring your expectations can be met by our services. Call us today on 01454 317117 or 07966 202 180 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.

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